Revision Lenco L 85        2 / 5

A look at the bottom of the L 85 reveals that both devices are really from the first series, recognizable by the 2 solenoids for the power switch and the lift, the very simple power switch and the electronics with soldered connections.

A hand drawing with all connections is helpful for the re-installation of the revised electronics. The rubber-mounted 16-pole synchronous motor is visible above the center of the picture. Just below it the shift rod for the mechanical speed changeover. Approximately in the middle of the picture you can see the spindle bearing. This is similar to the Lenco L 75 and needs a few drops of fine oil every now and then.

Below the spindle bearing is the terminal for the mains connection with the 3.9 nF spark suppressor capacitor. This one is very reliable and does not need to be changed.

All 12 connection cables must be unsoldered and after loosening 2 screws, the electronics can be removed carefully.

Here the electronics before the replacement of all electrolytic capacitors. The cap’s used in the seventies were different as the + (plus) pole was marked with a black bar. On today's cap’s the - (minus) pole is marked !!

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