The L 65 was Lenco’s first full automatic record player. A new tone arm based on the L 85 geometry and using the same head shell. The drive system was also based on the L 85 but with a different platter bearing. It has a slider to adjust the spring loaded anti skating*. All operating elements are arranged on the right side and in one line giving it a tidy look. It was sold for CHF 365.— including a Lenco M-100 magnetic cartridge. During the longer production period Lenco also altered the motor suspension.

It was available as a record player in it’s own plinth but also as a chassis or Lenco itself built it into their music centers ( Lenco 3000, L 4000, L 660 Mk I ).

Later on there was the L 84 - a model with a s-shaped tone arm - available.

L 65 Mk II from July 1974

Heco branded L 65 Mk III from 1975

L 65 cogwheel

* L 65 spring loaded anti skating system

L 65 Mk II motor suspension

L 65 Mk IV motor suspension

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