The Lenco L 3500 Music Center was introduced around 1976. The Electronics including the tape deck was imported from the Asian market. They were assembled in Switzerland and mainly distributed in Switzerland through ExLibris.

First series were equipped with the L 65, later units had the L 84 record player.

Lenco L 3500 / L 84

Output power:


Input sensitivity DIN socket:

2 x 12 W into 4 Ω

< 0.2 % @ 2 x 12 W

200 mV

Lenco L 3500 / L 84

Interesting to see that the FM range goes from 87.5 MHz to 104 MHz only. The LW range has a switchable BW filter for 9 kHz and 30 kHz.

Lenco L 3500 / L 84

The tape deck module, the power amplifier and the tuner came from a OEM manufacturer.

No Function

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