Around 1964 Lenco introduced the B 52. It continues Lenco’s light platter series. A newly designed tone arm, developed alongside with Lenco’s P 77 studio tone arm. First series had a 10 mm aluminum tone arm tube that changed later into a 8 mm aluminum tube. The early B 52’s did not have an anti skating feature, that was introduced later when the B 55 was released. The B 52 was available as a portable version, built into a plinth, as a chassis or built into a plinth with integrated power amplifier ( LAB 52 Stereo, Lenco 350, Lenco 350A or Lenco 500 ).

In 1965 ExLibris sold the version with a wooden plinth for 118.00 CHF

B 52 Mk I portable from December 1966

B 52 Mk I with 10 mm tone arm tube, no rubber bearings* yet

* rubber bearing is the original name that Lenco used in their spare parts list. Nowadays it is known as v-blocks…

B 52 counter weight for the 10mm tone arm tube, the first version had no markings!

B 52 portable from December 1966

B 52 portable bottom view

from December 1966

B 52 Mk II with 8 mm tone arm tube, a new arm lift support but still no rubber bearings….

B 52 Mk II in custom made plinth

from February 1969

B 52 counter weight for the 8mm tone arm tube, the ‚silver‘ weight was mainly used with the B 55!

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