In 1975 Lenco released the Lenco 930. The power amplifier was designed and produced by HEA Vienna. Based on HEA’s ST4060/lf all silicon transistor amplifier chassis, with the switchable on board RIAA pre-amplifier for crystal and dynamic cartridges. It was built with the L 78 record player equipped with a Shure M75MB cartridge. Later in production it was also available with the L 78SE record player.

The Lenco 980 was the version with built in FM Tuner with 4 pre-sets. In some countries the Lenco 980 was also available with the L 65 plus a cassette recorder, the model name changed to Lenco 980R.

Lenco 930 / L 78 from November 1977

Output power:


S/N ratio:

Frequency response:

Input sensitivity DIN sockets:

2 x 20 W into 4 Ω

< 0.15 % @ 20 W

> 58 dB

20 Hz - 20’000 Hz ± 0.5 dB

200 mV

Compact and solid built HEA ST4060/lf all silicon transistor amplifier module from 1975.

The onboard RIAA pre-amplifier was standard.

Lenco 930 / L 78

Original brochure 1976

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