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In the beginning…

Burgdorf, Friedeggstrasse 9-11 was Lenco’s first address. This address was also the family Laeng’s home address. When Lenco was founded in 1946, Bruno Grütter (he is one of the 3 founder members) took over the technical management and development. At the beginning he worked with a team of seven people. He often sat over his experiments until early in the morning, only to have breakfast with the family and then go back to work. Finally, one product of these studies was the new A-46 78 rpm gramophone motor.

Lenco’s Birthplace Friedegg

Lenco was also manufacturing injection moulding parts for third party customers. They were advertising in swiss news papers for their services alongside their record players.

Lenco’s ad in ‚Der Bund‘ November 8th 1951

Just after Lenco started to manufacture their first 3-speed record player F 50-8, the capacity of the Friedegg place was to small for the production and they were looking for an additional place. In 1951 Lenco bought a cold storage depot in Hasle-Rüegsau and the couple Laeng together with their co-workers rebuilt the place for their needs on their own.

Lenco’s factory in Hasle-Rüegsau

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