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After Lenco signed a contract with ExLibris in 1953 - and became their exclusive supplier for record  players - soon more room was necessary for a higher production capacity. In 1954 Fritz Laeng junior joined the company. He became the human resource and export manager. In 1956 Lenco could rent some rooms in the Rasolette building (owner H.Graf & Co. AG. Burgdorf). The final assembly for record players and the shipping department moved in this Rasolette building. They still needed more space that they found in Rüegsauschachen. In that place the production of tape recorders, flat irons and hair dryers was located.

Lenco’s additional rooms in Burgdorf

The need for more space was still present and in 1957 (August 30th) Lenco acquired a plot of land in Oberburg near the railway station to build a new factory and unite nearly all the external places in one building. On May 1st in 1959 the first department could move in.

The new factory in Oberburg

In 1960 the management was again increased by one member. Mr. Rudolf Laeng joined the company as an engineer and was entrusted with the management of the laboratory, development and construction. The order backlog and exports kept increasing.

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