Lenco - The Swiss years

1975 - 1976

At the beginning of 1975 Lenco introduced their first fully automatic record player L 65 (27). Alongside of the L 65 Lenco also released the L 60, a model without any special functionalities. Lenco Italiana introduced their cassette drive «Mini TB 500» for the car stereos. At the end of 1975 Lenco introduced a couple of new products starting with L 90, L 62, L 620, L 660, L 3000 and L 4000 (28). The worldwide recession is still on and made it very hard to sell all the new products and Lenco started the restructuring of the company.

In 1976 Lenco started the production of their first high end Tape Deck C 2003 and the new company  Lenco Moulding SA was founded, a division that produces high quality cassettes for tape decks. In the same year the receiver R 2500, the music center L 3500 and the headphone K 115 were introduced. The receiver R 2500 was evaluated by Lenco Italiana. The factory in Osimo also presented the L 75S, L 78SE and a new line of HiFi units with the A 50, T 30, R 25 and R 50. The S-series of the L 75 / L 78 were equipped with a S-shaped tone arm from a far east manufacturer.

1977 - 1978

In 1977 Lenco introduced their first Direct Drive record player L 833DD and 2 new belt driven record players L 133 - a low end model with an auto stop function - and the L 236, a full automatic model. In Germany Lenco is now represented by HECO, a member of the Rank International Group. In the same year Lenco founded Lenco Belgium SA in Brussels and Lenco Iberica in Barcelona.

On the 28th February 1978 Fritz Laeng died. In the same year Lenco introduced the L 247, the L 644, the L 744 DD and a new line of HiFi units with the A 600, T 600, R 600 and C 1202.

On October 2nd Lenco dismissed 60 employees.

On November 17th Lenco requested for debt-restructuring moratorium.

At the end of 1978 Lenco closed down the factory in Steg.


On April 11th the liquidation of Lenco AG began and Lenco Audio AG was founded. This successor company owned the Lenco brand for certain countries and mainly produced accessories for all sorts of HiFi gear. They also did the after sales service for all Lenco products.

Lenco Italiana became an independent company and did still produce mainly for the European market.

The 33 years of Lenco AG Switzerland

Source list for historical information

(27)  Lenco Hauszeitung, Issue Nr. 13 June 1975, Page 14

(28)  Lenco Hauszeitung, Issue Nr. 14 December 1975, Page 10 & 11

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