Lenco - The Swiss years

1967 -1969

In 1967 Lenco released the L 75, based on the L 70 but with a new designed tone arm with the same geometry like the famous P 77. It got an antiskating device, a viscose damped tone arm lift and a platter brake. The platter is mechanical balanced and weights now 4 kg’s. It is Lenco’s most successful record player ever - manufactured over more than a decade. With the Lencoclean Lenco also released a very controversial product.

In 1968 Lenco’s B 55 just continues their ‚light platter‘ series. It has now a slider for the antiskating compensation. The B 55 was available as stand alone unit or included in different music centers.

In 1969 the third expansion of the factory in Oberburg started and on the 4th August 1969 a new factory location in Steg (canton of Wallis) was established.

In the same year the first belt driven Lenco models 690, 695 and 705 came on the market. The new 16 pole synchronus motor M 25 was used later in every Lenco belt driven model.

1970 - 1973

The production of the L 75 by Lenco Italiana starts and at the same time they also manufactured cassette drives. In 1971 Lenco introduced the L 85, a new designed tone arm with the same geometry like the famous L 75. It got an anti skating device, a viscose damped tone arm lift and an electronic shut off system. With the L 85 Lenco changed to a belt drive system and the chassis used 4 viscose damped springs to isolate it from mechanical vibrations. In the same year the construction of a new factory building in Steg started.

On March the 13th in 1972 the new factory building in Steg was ready for the production. In October 1972 the Lenco L 78 was introduced. Based on the L 75 it got a mechanical auto switch off mechanism and the same viscose damped spring system that was introduced with the L 85.

In 1973 the K 106 Headphone was introduced. In the same year Lenco Italiana extended their factory building in Osimo.


Beginning in 1971 with the decay of the US currency and later in 1973 the oil price crisis, the impact on the sales and production for Lenco were very high and the struggle for the company began. Later in 1974 the first dismissals in the factories Burgdorf and Steg were executed.

On the 27th August 1974 Marie Laeng-Stucki died. In the same year Lenco also introduced the L 85 IC, a further development of the former L 85.

The 33 years of Lenco AG Switzerland

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