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After all the dust has been removed I added 2 drops of fine oil to the place where the rotor goes into the sintered bronze bearing. I did the same thing on the lower side of the rotor. I carefully cleaned the surface of the sub platter and the rubber belt with denatured alcohol and put everything together. Now comes the first test run. For safety, I switched a mA meter in the primary circuit of the transformer. The L 85 is protected in the primary circuit with 63 mAT and in the secondary circuit with 400 mAT. In synchronous mode the current consumption is approx. 43 mA, with activated fine regulation the current increases to approx. 49 mA. At the same time I also measured the stabilized DC voltage at the measuring points M1 and I. Here it was 16.38 V-DC, a good value indicating a functioning electronics.

The calibration of the electronics went well and I let the L 85 play record by record for several hours. The next day I let the L 85 run again for 1 hour and then do another adjustment of the operating voltage of the motor.


On the left the current consumption (in mA-AC), in the middle the signal directly at the motor - don’t worry it always looks like this - and on the right the motor voltage, everything in the green area.

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