The best tone arm ever*………facts and insights into Lenco’s first Direct Drive record player.

With the L 833 DD Lenco released their first direct drive model in 1977. The tone arm was inherited from its belt driven ancestor L 90. The high frequency auto shut off was Lenco’s proven solution used in the L 90 and L 85 IC before. The direct drive motor**, manu-factured by Matsushita, was the first time that Lenco used such a central part from a OEM manufacturer.

The swiss distributor ExLibris sold it for CHF 450.— without cartridge. Optional cartridges were Shure M 75 B/II, Lenco M 100, Shure M91ED and Shure M 95 ED.

L 833DD in sandy beige finish

L 833DD Original ExLibris ad 1978

*Testresults March 1978

**BS 7709 manufactured by Matsushita Japan

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