Most sold Lenco record player ever - in production for more then a decade!

In 1967 the Lenco L 75 was released. Based on the former L 70 drive design, the L 75 got a heavier and balanced platter. The new designed tone arm had it’s roots from the Studio tone arm P 77 with the same head shell dimensions and geometry. Lenco added an anti skating system - a must for all the new MC cartridges with a low VTF available at the time. The production went on for more than a decade.

Early L 75 came in the plinth from the former L 70 like in the photograph below left. For playing records the dust cover had to be removed, something that the customers were complaining about. Within the first year of production Lenco re-designed the plinth and the suspension system - like in the photograph below right.

Lenco also used the L 75 chassis in several models with a built in amplifier: Lenco 750, Lenco 900 Mk I, Lenco 8000 Mk I

In the UK it was sold as Lenco Goldring GL-75 and in the USA as Lenco Bogen B-75. In Switzerland it was also sold as APCO A-75 and in Germany as Grundig PS-65.

L 75 Mk II November 1967

L 75 Mk III

L 75 balanced platter with rubber mat

L 75 Idler wheel

APCO 800 / L 75

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