L 70 - the first ‚Heavy Platter‘ model

Introduced probably* in 1957. A new tone arm with a removable bakelite or aluminum head shell, a 3.8 kg heavy platter with 300 mm diameter, a stronger platter bearing and a new position for the speed adjustment. Just a couple of features that distinguishes the new L 70 from its predecessor B 51. With the L 70 and the B 51 the position of the motor changed to the top left. All ‚Heavy Platter‘ models used this configuration. In 1967 it has been replaced by the L 75.

Early L 70 Top view

Late L 70 Top view

Early L 70 Bottom view

Late L 70 Bottom view

APCO 700 L 70

*There are several information around that assumes that the L 70 was introduced 1957 in France as B 60. It is not confirmed yet as for a confirmation it would need a third independet source. I agree that the B 60 was the very first heavy platter model that later on was renamed as L 70. 

Another fact: Even the first B 60 was wired for Stereo but Stereo vinyl’s were officially introduced by Westrex in 1958 - not before….at least in Europe.

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