F 50-8 - Evolution in 4 steps - the closer look into the facts

First appearance I can proof ist September, 21st 1950 with the 3-speed F 50-8 (Mk I)*, it was reported in the ‚Radio Mentor‘ magazine (see extract below**). It had a special stylus for 33/45 and 78 records. With a small lever on the side of the tone arm you could select the stylus for normal and long-play records. There was a special mechanic that also changed the VTF for the different stylus. The tone arm was in one piece made of injection molded zinc. Mono - and a mechanical auto stop**** function.

In April 1955 the first 4 speed F 50-8 was on the market. The second version (Mk II)*** had now 4 speeds - 16 - 33 - 45 - 78. The mechanic with the VTF was no longer there, still  mono and with an auto stop.

*F 50-8 Mk I 3-speed

with original Lenco mono cartridge

*F 50-8 Mk I 3-speed

with mono tube amplifier

**Radio Mentor Issue November 1950

Raw translation:

This newer company produces several well-designed turntables. The built-in model F 50-8 for the three speeds 33 1/3, 45 and 78 is equipped with a speed controller; The supplied crystal pickup can be changed for normal and long-playing records.

***F 50-8 Mk II 4-speed

****F 50-8 Mk II Auto stop mechanism

Original ad from 1952

Source: Die Tat

No Function

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