With this step by step guide you are going to learn how to properly maintain the auto shut-off mechanism of the Lenco L 78 Mk II*. Every step is described and illustrated by photographs. 

You will need the following tools:

 - open-end wrench metric size 10

 - tweezers

 - a screwdriver (size 0)

 - pliers

 - scissors


There are two parts that wear out on every L 78 due to aging - amongst others like the rubber bearing (049‘0046 - v-block). One is made of silicon and the other one of rubber.

The spare parts list lists them as transport rubber (121‘0032‘01) and braking rubber (70‘0067). The transport rubber is responsible for a correct loading process of the guide lever (090‘0323‘02). The braking rubber should do what it says: braking (the platter).

Both of them can be re-placed by one part. The company HellermannTyton sells it as bend protection grommets black, Article number: 632-01020, Type HV2101A.

* Is my L 78 a Mk I or Mk II ? You are going to learn that just on the next page!

There is a DIY process that ,modifies‘ that bend protection grommet into the wanted parts. These parts will fit on both versions of the L 78:

HellermannTyton HV2101A

Cut off the socket part as close as possible

This is the part that re-places the brake rubber

Now the transport rubber, use the old one as sample….

….but give a few milimeters more

Et voila, you are done

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