Lenco 60 mm

idler wheel rubber tyre


Lenco started to manufacture portable record players in the early fifties, these models had an idler wheel with a 60 mm diameter. With the time the rubber of the idler wheel will harden and you will hear an awful crackling noise when you operate the record player.

Until recently it was nearly impossible to find a replacement as the production stopped in the sixties. Many visitors of my website were asking and looking for a replacement. Well, Jürg Wyssbrod did let re-produce the rubber wheel lately and after extensive tests he is ready to deliver a 100% fitting part. Orders can be placed on his website here: Vintage HiFi Seeland

The old and hard rubber can easy be removed from its plastic support and re-placed with a new one.

The rubber wheel will fit on many early Lenco portable record player - see the compatibility list below.

The following instructions will guide you through the replace procedure of the old and worn rubber wheel.

New 60 mm rubber wheel

Compatibility list

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