idler wheel rubber tyre replacement

Preparation II

To open up the Lenco portable record player depends hard on the model - some have 2 screws - others have 4 screws and again with others the screws are hidden under the platter. Unplug the record player from the mains and wait several minutes before you start working on it!

Remember: inside the record player are parts that are connected to the line voltage - touching such a part can lead to serious injuries if the record player is still connected to the mains! 

Next, before you remove the 3 circlip, red marked in the photograph below left, remember their exact position on the bolt. Note it down or take some photographs! The springs are different, the longer ones belong directly on the mounting plate! They are not visible on the photograph because they are behind the motor assembly…

Remove the 3 circlip

The different springs

and the 3 circlip

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