VV6 / VV6 S

The VV6 is Lenco’s first RIAA pre-amplifier - constructed to fit on the underside of the record player. It looks as if there are tubes under the aluminum caps but they are just to shield the sensitive electronics from the mains transformer and synchronous motor magnetic field. As far as I have found out it has been built in four different versions!

Most of the VV6 I have seen were used in the Lenco L 70 but - as seen once - it would also fit into the L 75.

The first version of the Lenco VV6 was built with an OC-Series germanium transistor. Unfortunately I didn’t know that when I took this photograph and I didn’t note down the type of the transistor! At least I managed to draw the schematic diagram (see below).

Just recently I had a L 70 on my workbench with a Mk II version. The OCxxx transistor was re-placed with an AC 125 ge transistor and some parts values were adopted to the new transistor. The transformer was re-placed with a 110 V version that could be connected to higher voltages over series resistors up to 220 V.

Inofficial drawing VV6 Mk I, for private use only

Official drawing VV6 Mk II

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