Lenco V xxx Series

Amplifier modules

This is an overview of all Mono and Stereo amplifiers that are used in the different Lenco record players. Only amplifiers that were developed and produced by Lenco are considered. It is not clear when Lenco started to produce their own electronics but as far as I know it must have been in the late fifties.

Originally Lenco placed the schematic inside the record payer, glued to the bottom of the unit. In these days it was common to do it this way with simple electronics. It can happen after all these years that the paper with the schematic - for whatever reason - is missing. I own some original typography plates with Lenco schematics from the sixties. I went to a local typographer to have them printed on paper and later scanned them to have a digital copy.

Original Lenco

V 120 typography plate

Original Lenco

V 201A typography plate

Original Lenco

V 407 typography plate

With the time I also got some record players who had still the original schematics inside. In the process of documenting these record players I also took photographs of the schematics. At the moment I have around 10 of these documents in my collection. They are all digitaly re-worked and - where needed - corrected. On the next page you will find a selection of these documents.

Original Lenco

V 420 schematic

Original Lenco

V 621 schematic

Original Lenco

V 220 schematic

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