Lenco L 85 IC and L 90 Electronic Repair Service

After many years of personal experience I have learned, in order to repair the L 85 IC or the L 90, it is one of the record players that needs a certain electronic knowledge and certain measuring instruments. As a member of a Lenco forum I get every now and then inquires for electronic issues with the L 85 IC and L 90 ( Fine control of speed not working, Auto-stop not working ).

I decided to offer a repair service for the L 85 IC and L 90 electronics (PCB)*. It includes replacing all electrolytic capacitors (re-caping), most resistors, modifications, small repairs**, pre-adjusting and complete checking of the functionality of all circuits. It will cost CHF 80.-- plus shipping.

* The service relates to the electronics (PCB) only !

** Does NOT include the power amplifier IC and/or VCO IC !!

- You will get back a fully working PCB that solves almost all of the electronic problems

… and this is what I do in details with your L 85 IC or L 90 PCB:

All electrolytic capacitors and all carbon composition resistors will be replaced. The electronics will be installed into a reference L 85 IC or L 90 to perform the burn-in. All important voltages are measured to make sure everything works fine. The speed control and the auto stop function will be pre-adjusted. After 1-2 weeks the PCB is ready to be shipped back. It will include a detailed repair report.



Repair Report sample

Inquiry to: maxaeschlimann(at)yahoo.com

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