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Designed by M&E Design (Muchenberger und Eichenberger) for Lenco - introduced in 1978 - the L 744DD was Lenco’s second (and last) Direct Drive model developed and manufactured in Switzerland. Featuring an auto stop and auto return function and equipped with a s-shaped tone arm, it also had an unique feature named LPI* - Lenco Position Indicator - visible from the front, one could spot the position of the cartridge on the record. All operating elements were placed on the front panel following a widely seen trend in the late seventies.

The DD motor BS 7802** is from Matsushita and is used by other brand’s as well.

Based on the L 744 DD, Telefunken sold it under their label as S 900 hifi or built it into their 7051 hifi music center. Telefunken’s design did not include the LPI - that was exclusive used by Lenco for the L 744 DD.

* L 744 DD LPI Front view

L 744 DD

L 744 DD LPI inside view

** BS 7802 manufactured by Matsushita Japan

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