A 4-speed record player using Lenco’s proven drive system with the small idler wheel. It continues Lenco’s low entry level record player and it has now a new designed tone arm with a removable head shell. Everything is mounted on a solid metal chassis. Other manufacturers used it in their music centers as well. 

In Switzerland Ex Libris sold it with a built in tube amplifier - manufactured by Komet - as ‚Komet 7 stereopront‘ for 158.00 CHF. The stand alone unit was sold as ‚Junior 655-Stereo‘ for 69.00 CHF. Price of October 31st 1965


November 1967

655 portable version

655 inside view

November 1967

655 tone arm

655 top view

November 1967

655 head shell with

Ronette BF 40 ceramic cartridge

Komet 7 with Lenco 655

655 German operating instruction

February 1966

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