The Lenco A 600 was part of the series 600. It was introduced in 1978. The A 600 had connectors for 2 x AUX, 2 x PHONO (RIAA), 2 x TAPE (One on the front) and 1 TUNER. On the front was also a connector for a Microphone with a separate volume control to mix with the selected source and a head phone connector with a separate volume control. The tone control part was equipped with a 5 band graphic equalizer.

The pre amplifier part could be used separately from the power stage by removing the two links on the rear side.

The amplifier part was also used in the R 600 receiver.

Lenco A 600 Amplifier

Output power:

Frequency Response:


Input sensitivity AUX input:

S/N Ratio:

2 x 52 W into 8 Ω, 2 x 66 W into 4 Ω

10 Hz - 40’000 Hz

< 0.05 % @ 2 x 1 W / 1 kHz

150 mV / 470 kΩ

>60 dB AUX Input

Lenco A 600 Inside top

Lenco A 600 side view

Lenco A 600 Rear side

Lenco A 600 Inside bottom

Many of the units failed the QC in Switzerland and needed repair before they could be sold. I was also in the Netherlands in February 1980 to check and fix more than 20 units for Naho BV - the distributor got them directly from South Korea - most of them needed some service !

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